UFL Biogas Business Sale

UFL Biogas Business and Technology is for sale

Reason for the sale

UFL Biogas is a subdivision of Utility Free Living Ltd. UFL Biogas is a developer and retailer of state-of-the-art micro biogas CHP technology and systems. Utility Free Living Ltd is a developer and retailer of innovative technologies to help people live off-grid.

Whilst we are very proud of what we have achieved in UFL Biogas and have enjoyed our four year journey of developing CHP technology that breaks new ground in reliability, longevity, efficiency, CAPEX costs and OPEX costs, we now have off-grid technology work that we need to commit to.

Brief Summary of the UFL Biogas Technology

  • Grid-synchronising electricity generation without the use of an expensive and complicated synchronising controller
  • Optimised electrical efficiency by employing a pseudo-miller cycle engine instead of an otto cycle engine
  • Innovative air/fuel mixer and throttle that allows the CHP to be configured to cope with a wide range of gas supply pressures, including suction (which eliminates the need and cost of a booster pump)
  • Innovative and unique, compact, low-power, DC humidity removal technology
  • British designed engine with decades of reliable operation track record
  • British designed high power ignition system with NGK spark plug co-development

For more information please read the technical brochure here

What is included in the sale

  • Complete component list for each of the three micro CHP models, including prices and supplier contact details
  • Complete list of subcontractors for all of the sub-assemblies – you don’t need to build these machines yourself, everything but the project management is outsourced
  • A comprehensive explanation of the theory behind each on the UFL Biogas innovative technologies. This is where the Intellectual Property exists and this is why other businesses can’t compete in this part of the market
  • A complete set of technical drawings for all of the sub assemblies
  • A complete set of (editable) manuals including installation, service and maintenance, and operator
  • A list of sales lead and potential customers including some parties in France, Spain and Italy asking to be agents/dealers/distributors
  • A list of innovative ideas and strategies designed to keep these machines streets ahead of anything else in the market
  • the domain names, website and help making changes to the website

Market and Sales Opportunities

The market for these products is quite unique in that it is very neatly defined. All manufacturers of micro Anaerobic Digesters is a potential customer. There are several in the UK and many many more in Europe and throughout the world.

The market is far less defined but several orders of magnitude large when you consider the fact that these machines can just as easily run on natural gas, lpg and even wood gas.


If you want to know more about build costs, retail prices, and margins, please email us at info@biogas-chp.co.uk

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